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Safety - Riding in the Rain

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Weekly Club Rides **

May - September at 7:30am
October - April at 8:00am

Year Round at 8:00am

9330 Broadway (FM 518)
in Pearland
1.3 mi east of SH 288

See the Maps page to learn
about our favorite club routes.

** Although the majority of riders leave at 7:30am during the summer, some riders leave at 7:00am to beat the heat.

Here are 13 tips from Luna Tours to help you cope with rainy weather:

  1. Always wear bright colored clothing so that motorists can see you. A reflective safety triangle is also helpful.

  2. A visor or cap under your helmet can shield your eyes from the rain. This is especially useful for those who wear glasses.

  3. A plastic shower cap under your helmet can help keep you dry and warm. (Remember that a large amount of your body heat is lost through your head.) If you want to be a bit more high tech, try a balaclava made of thin, moisture-wicking material.

  4. Slightly underinflated tires can increase your contact with the road surface and give you more control.

  5. If you don't own special cycling booties, you can wear a plastic bag over your socks and inside your biking shoes to help keep your feet warmer and dry.

  6. Avoid riding through puddles, which may be concealing potholes or hazardous material.

  7. Remember to layer clothing. Wear moisture wicking materials and avoid cotton, which when wet will keep you cold. Long-fingered cycling gloves made of wind and mositure resistant material are especially helpful in keeping your hands warm. Cycling "mitts" are also available for really cold weather.

  8. Remember to keep well hydrated. Cold air increases your need for fluids.

  9. Use extra caution if this is the first rain in a while, as roads tend to be more slick with the first rains. Watch out for leaves, mud or other debris which may be slippery.

  10. Painted lines or steel surfaces such as railroad tracks, bridge decks, grates and cattle guards are always slippery when wet, so ride cautiously over them, if you can't avoid them.

  11. Allow more stopping time when braking, as wet rims and brakes decrease braking efficiency. Pump your brakes to help dry them off.

  12. Stay warm by drinking warm fluids & taking shorter breaks so that you have less time to cool down. Carry dry clothing to put on immediately after you are done with your ride.

  13. Remember to dry off your bike before putting it away. It's also a good time to lube your chain, as well as cables, housing and pivot points of the brake and gear systems.

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